Belinda Sole

Belinda Sole fulfils the role of the Equine Specialist constituent for Groundworks’ EAP Programmes. She has completed academic study in the area of Human Science, Psychology, Rehabilitation, Performing Arts and Equine Studies.

Belinda has extensive experience working in tertiary education as tutor, trainer and assessor for the NZQA National Certificates in Equine Studies. These courses were comprised of Equine, Employment and Life Skills with a very strong emphasis on the importance of good health and safety practices when working with horses. She also provided evaluation and assessment to Secondary School students’ completing their Gateway and Stay program in Equine.

Belinda’s professional interests include understanding Equine Neuropsychology and using this knowledge to tailor and uphold kind and empathetic training. Belinda is passionate to work with Martina to provide educational support for persons who have sustained a brain injury within an environment and manner that will maximise the effectiveness/encoding of these sessions and minimise client fatigue. The EAP modality provides and ideal opportunity for this.